All bookings done at Neema’s Kitchen either individually or through Tour Companies are subject to the following Terms & Conditions:


  1. Full payment is required to confirm your booking. After the receipt of Payment, a confirmation message will be send in writing either through email and/or Whatsapp.
  2. While booking, please notify us of any food intolerance and/or allergies that we need to be aware of and where we can, we shall try to adapt the course content. If no such information has been provided, the booking will be accepted as Non-Veg cookery class without any food restrictions.
  3. In Non-Exclusive (Non- Private ) group classes, any info provided about your food intolerance and/or allergies, AFTER THE CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING might NOT be able to accept/ adapt. In such cases booking will be cancelled and amount will be refunded as per the cancellation policy given at the end of this page. Hence, please disclose about food intolerance and/or allergies in your first query itself.
  4. We reserve the right to substitute ingredients and dishes during the courses when deemed necessary.
  5. Any medical condition that may affect your ability to take part, or follow instructions, must be disclosed at the time of booking.
  6. Except for Exclusive (Private) classes, all other classes are group Non-Exclusive (Non-Private) classes and you will be attending the class with other students. 
  7. Class content for Non-Exclusive (Non-Private) class will be of varying levels of expertise to cater the requirement of all students.
  8. If you require only an Expertise level class then you are requested to book an Exclusive (Private) class by paying additional surcharge. Please note that minimum students required for Exclusive class are 4.
  9. Class timings & duration mentioned in this website are only estimate and are subject to change. Actual time will be conveyed to you in the Reservation Confirmation email and/or Whatsapp message.
  10. By accepting booking at Neema’s Kitchen, you are indemnifying Neema’s Kitchen and The Bungalow Heritage Homestay, where Neema’s Kitchen is located, from any accidents and/or incidents which could happen to you and/or to your belongings/properties while you are in the premises of Neema’s Kitchen and The Bungalow Heritage Homestay, where Neema’s Kitchen in located.
  11. While accepting booking, you are agreeing that recipes & handouts given from Neema’s Kitchen will NOT be used for any professional / profitable / business / money making purpose without written permission from Neema’s Kitchen.

During Class:

  1. Sharp objects will be used in cookery class. For your safety, you are requested to follow the operating instructions provided by your tutor for all kitchen equipment(s) used.
  2. Neema’s Kitchen accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY / LIABILITY in case of any accident and/or incidents arising out of using kitchen equipment(s).
  3. Neema’s Kitchen accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY / LIABILITY for any loss or damage to any property and/or belongings of any student whilst on a course.
  4. Please adhere to the dress code provided while booking.
  5. Neema’s Kitchen reserve the right to decline a booking or to terminate the participation of any student, if the student is in our opinion, guilty of any conduct that shall adversely affect the running of the course or the interests of any other student(s) participating in the course. Should this occur, the student would be asked to leave. There will be no refund of any fees paid.


  1. More than 14 days prior to the date of Booking – Advance paid will be refunded after deducting Bank / Paypal transfer charges, if any.
  2. 14 to 08 days – 50% advance paid will be refunded after deducting Bank / Paypal transfer charges, if any.
  3. 07 or less days prior to the date of booking – No refund of advance paid.
  4. Cancellation request has to be in writing via email; by the same person who had confirmed the booking.
  5. Cookery Class date is NOT included in counting above number of days.

Legal dispute, if any, arising with The Bungalow Heritage Homestay and/or with Neema’s Kitchen shall be dealt in Courts of Law at Ernakulam district in Kerala State of Republic of India.