I will be your ‘teacher’ at Neema’s Kitchen!!! Well…. I still remember how I started my Cookery classes. Breakfast served to my guests at my homestay  made them to ask, how did I prepare it? Then came the request, could I provide them with dinner. It was only a matter of time before the next question came “Neema, can you teach us how to prepare these?” Thus started Neema’s Kitchen.

Since 2008 I had been teaching cookery lessons to my guests who were staying in my homestay. Later in 2015 as the number of ‘Non-Resident’ requests started increasing, I started taking ‘students’ who are not staying in my homestay. By 2016 I was having more ‘Non-Resident Students’ than ‘Resident Students’ and I decided to separate Neema’s Kitchen from my homestay. In 2019, as per requests from my “Students” I have launched  YouTube Channel from Neema’s Kitchen.

I invite you to my kitchen and I am sure, you will fall in Love with Indian food for ever !!